Friday, April 29, 2005

New Condo Development

Cielo Posted by Hello

Prices from the $700's to over $1M
Thirty-six exclusive residences by the bay; developed by Egozy Development and designed by Luis Revuelta, residences range in size from 1,830 SF to 1,915 SF and feature flow-through floor plans; oversized terraces; designer cabinets and appliances and much more.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It's Time to be a Conservative Real Estate Investor

Excellent article. Click here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Ladies and gentleman, start your lawnmowers! Port St. Lucie, Fla., resident Joe Edge's Web site,, features photographs of local properties with poorly maintained yards, among other flaws, complete with the homeowner's name, address and a list of city code violations. "If the problem goes's going to have an impact on property values," says Edge, who notes that residents from other localities have expressed an interest in seeing a similar Web site for their community. Syracuse University professor Robert Thompson calls the Net venture "a brave new world of neighborhood vengeance." But several residents
whose dwellings were displayed on the site reportedly plan to file defamation lawsuits against Edge. "There's no way you can tell somebody they're a slob and be nice about it," says Edge.

Source: Edmonton Journal (04/21/05) P. B6; Harris, Misty

Headlines I got in my email today

Out-of-state buyers, low mortgage rates and high demand combined forces to
create another strong month for sales of existing homes. Florida home sales
rose 6 percent in March compared to March 2004, with the median price surging
28 percent over the same period. Nationally, existing-home sales rose to the
third highest pace on record.
Plans by major developers such as Lennar Corp. and D.R. Horton call for more than 16,000 homes to be built in high-density neighborhoods on land that is now outside the line, known as the urban development boundary. Unless the line is moved, development on that land will continue to be restricted to one structure for every five acres -- not what the developers want.
Horton's proposal, a planned community called "Providence," envisions more than 5,000 homes, office and retail space, schools and parks on 854 acres.
The sale of existing single-family homes plunged in Miami-Dade County in March while home prices continued to skyrocket across South Florida, the Florida Association of Realtors announced Monday.
The number of Miami-Dade homes sold in March dropped 28 percent compared to the same month a year ago. Home sales dropped 10 percent in Broward for the same period.
An operations manager for Jack in the Box was late for a meeting and called his boss to tell him he was running late. As he was leaving the voice mail message, he witnessed an accident and went on to provide "play by play" of the incident. This is the actual voice mail message. It was forwarded so many times within Jack in the Box, it crashed the company's voice mail server. Turn your sound up. Click here for the scoop.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

3075 NW 45 ST

$75k~least expensive home in Dade County.

(love the remarks on this listing!)

Julio Iglesia's has Photos!!

Finally! The listing agent was able to get into Julio's compound and take photos. This is the most expensive listing in Dade County at $29 Million. Here is the link to the listings WITH PHOTO'S.

Circle Lending

My son lives in one of my rentals with his new wife (who I just adore). They want to buy the house from me. I struggle a bit with this. Not sure he is ready for "homeownership" at age 20, but admire the fact he loves real estate as much as I do and can't wait to buy his first house. (poor kid knew what a closing was at age 9)

I came across an article posted on Market Watch regarding a similar situation. The article referenced carrying the mortgage to avoid capital gains. It also mentioned that should "junior" feel that since Mom and Pop are holding the paper he can miss a month or two when needed. (I can see this...) The article goes on to mention CircleLending, which is a company that assists in loaning money to relatives, friends or business associates. They have a free guide you can download on their site. The guide includes sections on:

Assessing your situation
Establishing borrower and lender expectations
Structuring an agreement that works
Keeping accurate records

How they make money is a small set up fee and $9 per payment. If you have some funds from investments that you'd like to loan out and earn interest on be sure to check out their services!

The Wall Street Journal had this to say about them:
"Outsourcing... It's another way to avoid any uncomfortable conversations or confrontations over the loan in the future is to let someone else administer the loan for you. CircleLending, an online financial institution based in Cambridge, Mass., will help you."

Friday, April 22, 2005

Scarcity of open land slows home building in S. Florida

Many people think it is the start of the "bubble." Sorry folks real estate is still booming. I listed a house, put it in the MLS at 5:30 at night had an offer faxed to me by 6 pm with out ever seeing the house!

Recent headlines said New Construction starts are down... well hello?

Here is the except from the Herald regarding scarcity of Land.

With developable land running out in South Florida, only Palm Beach County saw home construction rise in the first quarter of 2005. The number of homes built in Miami-Dade and Broward continued to fall, according to data released Wednesday by market research firm Metrostudy.New single-family homes in Palm Beach County were up 11.1 percent compared with the same quarter last year, while Miami-Dade had a 20.9 percent decrease and Broward had the fewest number of homes built since 2000. Broward's home construction fell by 16.6 percent compared with last year.

"It's simply a lack of land," said Bradley Hunter, South Florida market director for Metrostudy.About 1,700 single-family homes or townhouses were built in Miami-Dade in the first quarter. More than half of the new homes were built in and near Homestead and Cutler Ridge. In Broward, there were about 800 homes built.

"Regardless of how good market fundamentals are, we're running out of land," said David Dabby, principal of real estate consulting firm Dabby Group Advisors in Coral Gables. "With the kind of land restraints we have, it's no wonder single-family starts are down."When reporting on Broward's home construction, Hunter says most development experts are surprised the number is as high as it is."The perception is that Broward is totally built-out," Hunter said.

"What's interesting is that home builders are still finding ways to build, which says Broward is down, but not out."In Palm Beach County, where new-home starts have been gradually easing since hitting a peak two years ago, 2,279 homes were built in the first quarter of 2005."In Palm Beach County, we're trending gradually lower because of land depletion, but still growing," Hunter said.

Mike Smolak, Palm Beach division president for Miami-based Lennar Corp., says even the threat of less land isn't deterring development."Whether new homes are up or down, demand is still very high here," Smolak said. "That forces prices up, and eventually you will see different attempts to meet those demands, whether it's more condos or infill projects that become more practical and economically feasible as you run out of land."Nationally, although the U.S. Department of Commerce announced a 17.6 percent decline in home construction, Hunter said a Metrostudy analysis of the government's numbers shows a different picture.

In single-family housing completions, the government said there was a 6 percent decline, but that figure had a 9.3 percent error range."The change is not statistically significant," Hunter said.What does concern Hunter are the escalating prices of new homes and whether buyers are occupying new homes or using them to quickly turn a profit."We'll watch for how much standing inventory there is with no one living in it," Hunter said. "That's going to be the best indicator of problems cropping up."

Thursday, April 21, 2005

1180 NE 41 Ave

New Listing! Posted by Hello

Just Listed! This fantastic home on the Canal in Homestead! $259,900. Brand new construction. 3 Bedrooms 2.5 baths 1700 sq ft. Call me quick on this one!

Junk E-Mail

I get more junk email from Lenders. I mean I get at least 10 emails a day about how I am approved for some sort of mortgage. I did a search through my "qurb" box from the last two months. I had 737 emails regarding some sort of loan, refinance etc. You'd think the Mortgage industry was desperate. I have no idea how to get off these lists. They do not have a link to unsubscribe and half the time everything is spelt wrong or they have funny symbol's. If I was in the Mortgage industry I'd be embarrassed by these companies. What happened to Professionalism. I remember the day when you went to get a loan you dressed up nice brought all your paperwork drove to the local bank and sat and waited to meet with the loan officer. You smiled and tried to give a good impression and had to sell yourself to get a loan. Now a days seems as if they are begging us for their business. Be sure to check out the Lender you are using here is a link to a blog that shows how much fraud goes on in the industry.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Headlines I got in my email today?

U.S. housing starts drop
Single-family production down 14% from previous month
Wells Fargo profits up 5%
Real estate loan applications pick up
Home builder's profits climb on increasing sales
D.R. Horton reports $294 million in second-quarter net income

Cheap compared to NYC!

One Miami Posted by Hello

Great 1/1 C1 model unit #2110 with northeast
views (85% water) going for $335,000
Hurry it won't last!!!!!!

Miami's "New City"

According to the Miami Herald, Miami is going to re-vamp its antiquated zoning code with a neighborhood- and pedestrian-friendly set of building rules in an effort to map the future.

''We are really designing a new city,'' said Mayor Manny Diaz, who is heading the effort, dubbed Miami 21, and has made it a top priority of his administration. ``It's long overdue. As far as I can tell, no one has looked at this since, well, ever.''
The effort will also include plans to improve transportation, parks and public spaces, and to spur economic development in the city until well into the new century.

Miami would be the first major U.S. city to adopt such a code.

The rewrite would take place even as a high-rise condo-construction boom of unprecedented scope is already recasting downtown Miami and surrounding areas -- gobbling up vacant land, flattening some of the city's oldest buildings and, in some cases, invading long-established neighborhoods where the quirks of the zoning code permit out-scaled development.

In the meantime, city planning statistics show, 51 large-scale projects have been approved across Miami, encompassing 17,776 residential units and more than three million square feet of floor space. Applications for new buildings continue to flow in.
The city's largest residents' group nonetheless intends to participate intensively in the public sessions that will help shape the plan.
''I'm basically optimistic,'' said Joe Wilkins, secretary of Miami Neighborhoods United, a 1-year-old coalition of 20 city homeowners' associations. ``We've been victimized by the antiquated zoning code. The feeling is that the city has had a bias toward development at the expense of the neighborhoods.
``The city always says they want to preserve neighborhoods. This is a chance for them to put their money where their mouth is.''

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Parade of Homes

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I had a great time at the Parade of Homes Judging Event. The people I rode with were fantastic. I hope they survived my cell phone while on tour. The home that is my favorite is in Deland. Awesome floor plan and layout. I'd love to buy this home. If you get a chance to go on the Parade of Homes this week please be sure to check out this home and this builder! FANTASTIC! If you have access to the Orlando Sentinel pick one up it has the entire guide in Sundays paper.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

2005 Volusia County Parade of Homes

I am excited. I leave this morning for Daytona! I am going to be a Judge for the Parade of Homes. The Parade of Homes runs April 16-24. The area Home Builders will have their best homes up for viewing to the public.

Here is the Press Release:


Volusia County, FL (March 21, 2005) – Members of the Volusia Home Builders Association (VHBA) will showcase the latest homebuilding trends during next month’s Volusia County Parade of Homes from Saturday, April 16 through Sunday, April 24. The Parade will highlight more than 50 entries throughout the county and will be open to public tours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. The annual event will feature condominiums, single-family homes and villas ranging in price from $160,000 to $1.5 million. There will also be seven developments on display throughout Volusia County.

According to Better Homes and Gardens some of the hottest trends in the home industry are energy-efficient homes, built-in high-tech wiring, and specialized storage – including recycling centers, closet organizer systems and unique kitchen and pantry storage options. Homebuyers are also trading extra square footage for well-crafted details like hardwood floors and top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. The 2005 Volusia County Parade of Homes will feature many of these new trends and others including homes and design ideas for all budgets.

“The Parade of Homes is our biggest event of the year,” said Steve Conley, VHBA president. “It’s our chance to showcase the work of our association’s brightest members and help home shoppers learn what’s important to them in a home.”In addition to touring the 55 entries in the Parade, people can also get free 360-degree tours of custom homes from Luxury Builders simply by logging on to Visitors are also encouraged to visit this year’s showcase home, “Palazzo del Vino” by McCarthy Builders, in the Toscana subdivision in Ormond Beach.For more information about the 2005 Volusia County Parade of Homes please call (386) 226-1414 or watch for the Parade Guidebook in the April 16th edition of the Daytona Beach News-Journal and the Orlando Sentinel or at Parade sponsors offices.

I will return to Miami on Sunday.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Just Listed!

$227,950 Posted by Hello

2319 NE 37 RD
Tons of builder upgrades. Excellent location, New schools etc.. 3 bedroom/2 bath/1 car garage.. great starter home/2nd home or investment! call soon will go quick! 305-970-6757

Mercury Retrograde

Today is a blessing. Mercury will no longer be in Retrograde!! This means deals will finally close and buyers and seller will return to their normal selves. Your computer will quit crashing and making funny noises and you will no longer be late to appointments.

Mercury, sending communications, travel, appointments, and mechanical things into a general snarlup! This awkward period begins a few days before the actual turning point (as Mercury slows) and lasts for three weeks or so, until April 12, when the Winged Messenger reached his direct station. At this time he halts and begins his return to direct motion through the zodiac.
Everything finally straightens out on May 1, 2005, as he passes the point where he first turned retrograde. Mercury turns retrograde three times a year, as a rule, but the effects of each period differ, according to the sign in which it happens.

Mercury rules thinking and perception, processing and disseminating information and all means of communication, commerce and transportation. By extension, Mercury rules people who work in these areas, especially people who work with their minds or their wits: writers and orators, commentators and critics, gossips and spin doctors, tricksters and thieves. (Miami had a huge string of robberies yesterday)

Mercury retrograde gives rise to personal misunderstandings; flawed, disrupted, or delayed communications, negotiations and trade; glitches and breakdowns with phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains. And all of these problems usually arise because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray, or awry.

The next one is not until July 22 - August 15.

ahhhh we will all be normal again for a while.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Price for Everything

I have learned there is a price for everything. There has been a time in our life where we had to share a 1 bedroom apartment with another couple and a point where I have owned a half million dollar home. They all come with a price. Sometimes I think sharing the 1 bedroom apt was worth more. We had another couple that was like family. We ate together, laughed together and cried together. In the 1/2 million dollar home we had no BBQ's, no gatherings, no one on our street noticed because they were working as hard as we were and were too busy to just hang out and visit. We have friends all over the country due to the military service and we have seen and done more than any. Our kids are chatty and friendly to everyone they meet due to the constant moving they had to do. They adjusted well and we are lucky. They are both successful. When we were in the 1 bedroom apt sharing it with the other couple, yes "spanky" that was his nickname drove me nuts and we had one bathroom that when they had to go crawled over us in the middle of the night across the bed to get to it. It was hated. But looking back it was not so bad and I can laugh and cry about the memories the same. Our neighbors upstairs were also in the service and she loved to bowl so she arranged her place so she could practice bowling on the hardwood floors above our head...enough said I think you can imagine. Lori & Luke.. loved them, she was my best friend and love to go exploring. We'd get lost and find our way home laughing and careless, like ...who else mattered. I hope they are still together and now with kids etc. I lost touch over the years. Another memerable couple was Diane and Mark their daughter was Autumn. I am sure she is a knockout now. They were from PA. Mark used to always say "don't sweat the petty things just pet the sweaty thing"... I am sure you get my drift. They were neat people. We have met so many interesting people over the years.

Now we both work about 70 hours a week or so it seems. No little kids at our feet because they are grown and the income is good. But it is a trade off... I miss those days. BBQ's and family get togethers. I am working with some low income folks to find housing. It is a challenge. Does not pay much but it feels good. And I know I am doing good for them and looking after them because no one else will.

Try not to work so much and enjoy your life... that is what you are working for! Remember the cause and the balance. Take time to go to church. Take time for yourself. And remember you can't take it with you, money isn't everything.

Apprentice Star Arrested!!

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I know this is not real estate related but he is a Millionaire because of Real Estate.


Shelton, 22, one of six remaining contestants competing for a job with Donald Trump, was taken into custody early Sunday at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. He was released after posting $250 bail.

A tribal police officer heard a noisy Shelton in the hotel lobby and asked him twice to calm down before arresting him, said Seminole police spokesman Gary Bitner.

"He was loud and he just wouldn't calm down," Bitner said.

Shelton was peeved over a $20 cover charge for the hotel bar. Shelton "was at the lobby causing a scene," the police report said. "There were several patrons in the area who were visibly shaken by his actions. After several attempts to calm Shelton, he continued to yell and curse, refusing to calm down and stop causing a scene.

"Shelton and some friends were staying at the hotel and celebrating his continued success on "The Apprentice," Bitner said.

Fliers distributed at the University of South Florida advertised a birthday party for John Gafford, a contestant from Tampa who was fired earlier this season, and offered the opportunity to party with current cast members.

"We don't really have any comment," said NBC spokesman Jim Dowd. "This is clearly a private matter with Chris." All but the final episode has been taped, and it isn't known if Shelton makes it that far.

Shelton of Lake Las Vegas, Nev., sees himself as a young Donald Trump, according to the show's Web site. His claim to fame on the show may be his temper.

Shelton has been spared in spite of throwing tantrums at teammates and outsiders. He spent most of the latest episode waiting for employees to find a credit card he lost at Best Buy, telling an employee he hoped he didn't "have to find an aluminum bat and break somebody's kneecaps."

"He makes mistake after mistake after mistake," fired Angie McKnight told The Associated Press. "He really gives it his all, but I think America knows he should have been fired quite some time ago.

"Fired project manager Stephanie Myers said she would have fired Shelton if she could and observed, "Some people needed some baby-sitting."

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Undervalued Markets

Looking to Invest? Consumer Reports says these areas are undervalued.

Augusta-Aiken, GA
Baton Rouge, LA
Charleston, WV
Dayton-Springfield, OH
El Paso, TX
Fargo-Moorhead, ND
Fort Worth-Arlington, TX
Harrisburg-Lebanon, PA
Houston, TX
Jackson, MS
Memphis, TN
Montgomery, AL
Rochester, NY
Syracuse, NY
Tulsa, OK

If you live in these areas I would definitely look to invest!!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

New Listing!

11982 SW 133 Ter Posted by Hello

3 Bedroom/2 Bath/2 Car Garage $310,000
Click here for Visual Tour.
Call for more info!


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Your House Value is Going up $10 a Hour!

While reading my usual blogs this morning I came across a post on Inman News regarding a Real Estate Firm in Virginia that has a like a "real time" clock that is adding up by day what the average home is worth. You can see it here at The website says:

What does $ Loading... mean to you?
That is the average sale price of a home in the Northern Virginia area!

According to the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors (NVAR):

The average sales price in Northern Virginia in December, 2004 was $476,941, compared to $399,494 in 2003, an increase of 19.39%.

A 19.6% rise in home prices annually means a 1.61% rise monthly. This translates to a rise of $247.70 increase in value daily, or $10.32 per hour!

Make yourself a homeowner and use this increase to your benefit. Every hour you wait is costing you $10.32 in equity!

If you wait until December, 2005 to buy a home, and this trend of a 19.36% annual increase in value continues, the average home will cost $569,419.86!

Now Miami has increased approximately 26% in value... I will try to do the math...
26% means 2.17% per month. Average sales price is $446,100 This translates to a rise of about $300 a day....IF we continue on this trend....That is about a $100,000 a year. WOW

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Boom Town!

Here is some info regarding Homestead that you may find interesting.

It was 12 ½ years ago, a giant stomped on Homestead, uprooting trees, flattening homes and turning the city into a war zone.

Now, there is no doubt Homestead is once more a boom town.

In 2003, Homestead Hospital announced it would relocate to Campbell Drive and expand to a five-story building with 120 beds. It will be the first new hospital in Miami-Dade County in more than a decade.

The $130 million facility, part of Baptist Health South Florida, is expected to be finished in late 2006.

Lennar, Prime and Pride Homes builders are erecting the Malibu Bay planned-unit development, slated to be completed by 2009 with 251 single-family homes, 257 town houses, 624 condominiums, lakes with pedestrian paths, a private club house and a recreation center.

More homes in the Campbell Drive area east of downtown are also scheduled to pop up with construction of the Waterstone planned-unit development's second phase, which will bring 1,126 single-family homes and town houses to the area.

Phase I of the development, with 1,058 planned units which all been sold -- is located west of Southwest 137th Avenue.

Many other residential projects on the east side of town are also under way. In all, a total of 14,500 units are expected to go up within 10 years.

All of this wwill more than double Homestead's population of nearly 32,000 by 2010.
Business Growth as well!

By the end of the year, residents could find themselves shopping at the Publix at Waterstone Plaza on the corner of Southwest 288th Street and 137th Avenue -- which will also include, among other stores, a Walgreens and a Blockbuster Video -- or at the BJ's Wholesale Club at the corner of Sixth Avenue and North Canal Drive.

Flagship Cinemas would bring in a 40,000-square-foot movie theater that would have stadium seating with about 2,400 seats, 14 screens and digital sound.

A symbol of the city's rebirth can also be seen in officials' plans for a sparkling new City Hall in the west side of town, close to the downtown area.

Monday, April 04, 2005

OK I fell for it...

My son has taken a position in San Rafael(sp?)CA. Yes.. he will be a "gamer" and he is excited about it. The apartment he is in is in Tallahassee FL. Now, I was a property manager for years and when he tells me the stories as a tenant I seem to flash back as the manager. So to keep an objective view I did a search on the internet for help. I used to get 30-day notices all the time but thought lets see if there is anything regarding "breaking" a lease due to "graduation" or a "job transfer." So I find this website that charges $12 for a ~form~ type style letter for a notice to vacate. OK... lets pay the $12 .. UGH.. OH MY WHAT A WASTE... this is what I got...





SIGNED: _______________________________________ Date: ___________________
OK IS THIS WORTH $12!!!!!!!!!!! UGH UGH UGH. Here is the website should you want to spend $12 for this form!!!

Geez, I wrote my own letter and sent it to my son. This stunk.


I love showing houses. Buyers always nickname houses so at the end of the tour we can discuss each house and know which one we are talking about. Some names are "the green house" because the kitchen was painted an ugly green. "The dog house" because the owner had a big dog locked in the garage. "The smelly house" because the owner smoked and the "biker house" because of the all the photos of his harley were all over the house and a leather jacket on the chair in the family room.

Sellers often forget ``You don't sell a house the way you live in it.''

Here are some tips:

• Tone down brightly colored rooms. You may love passionate purple or iridescent aqua. But only a small percentage of those coming through your house will share your taste for such exotic hues. Neutral colors are a much better bet for sellers.

Please don't go white! You want "Realtor Beige." Go to model homes and see what colors they are using and copy it.

• Remove any personal items that could stigmatize your home. For sure, the classic female nude is held in high regard in paintings on display in museums around the world. But such an object of art in your home is more likely to offend buyers than inspire them. Remove dead stuffed animals as well. Those also can offend buyers.

Please take down the magnets on the fridge and the family photos. They are also distracting to buyers.

• Welcome would-be buyers with fresh rather than foul smells. Stop smoking in the house and clean the a/c unit add fresh flowers and air freshners just don't go overboard.

• Disappear when prospects come by. Once your home is prepped for showtime, perhaps you'll have an urge to be there when lookers come through -- just to be sure they appreciate its high points. A chatty home seller can detract attention from the positive aspects of a house. Take the kids and dog on a walk once the buyer arrives.

If there are features you don't want the buyer to miss leave a note on the counter for the realtor to point them out.

To avoid "funky" names on your house while it is up for sale have a flyer on the counter with a positive name for your house. For example "Beautiful Pool Home" "Workshop Home" "Country Range Home" "Rose Cottage Home" think of a name that reflects something positive about your home for the buyer to remember it when having to decide which home to purchase. If your home does not get a name either selected by you or the buyer, generally the buyer has forgetten it.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Ok...2 issues.. Cars and Old boyfriends...

First of all car salesmens...being married since I was 17, bought and sold cars not knowing what I was doing and now think I know what I am doing HATE sitting in car dealerships while some odd man talks to the wizard of oz behind the curtain. "Let me discuss it with the manager, I will be right back." TWO HOURS LATER.... Ok we can throw in the bed liner on the truck. (what ever) HATED HATED HATED. I have no other words. I told the salesperson who we have bought other cars through, I will NOT walk in side. Here is the deal either you do it or not... Good thing I have caller ID or I'd be living on the phone tonight. I am sure we will come to an agreement after a sorid affair of calls and all will be happy.

Ok, I am sure you are asking where does the old boyfriend come in to play. Actually he is NOT an old boyfriend but.. an elementary crush. We used to hold hands and run around the backstop at school during PE and when he got in trouble (which seemed like often) I'd get in trouble just so I could sit outside the classroom with him. I ran into him a year or so ago and had a beer etc. There is no way we'd ever be compatable but he was still cute even at 40, the memories of those days were gut rentching and touching at the same time. He will always be a part of my childhood. I think I had a crush on him all the way through high school. After elementary school he went to a diffrent middle and high school so I only saw him from time to time mostly at rival football games. When I ran into him a few years back he had at the time a girlfriend which I am sure is his wife now... and you are going ok... so why the mention...

I am looking at buying my 8th house and in doing the research I found out he owns 3 houses on this same street. Go figure... just my luck. Through the grapevine I was told he can not get any more mortages due to the number of mortgages he has... and he owns 3 get it 3 on this one street of like 12 homes. ugh. ugh ugh. To be buying the house next door to one of the houses he owns brings back a world of emotions and memories. I have some thinking to do and a truck to buy....

Friday, April 01, 2005

Power Broker Report has come out.

Bit of info:
307,613 number of Realtors
3,324,247 number of sides

268,719 number of Realtors
3,063,052 number of sides

Lets go to Math Class:
3324247 divided by 307613 equals: 10.81 transactions per agent in 2004
3063052 divided by 268719 equals: 11.40 transactions per agent in 2003

So in the so called housing boom Realtors are earning slightly less on average than that in 2003. Should the interest rate continue to increase and sales decrease we will then see a tapering off of Realtors who hoped to hop in this business to make a bunch a money. I will be courious to see the 2005 figures!

Top Florida Offices:
Watson Realty Group
41 Offices
19808 Transactions
1678 Realtors (doing an average 11.80 sides each)

Prudential Florida WCI (where I work :)
35 Offices
11193 Transactions
1520 Realtors (doing an average 7.36 sides each)

Keyes Company
32 Offices
11127 Transactions
1831 Realtors (doing an average 6.08 sides each)

Century 21 Sunbelt
9 Offices
8298 Transactions
393 Realtors (doing an average of 21.11) GO TEAM!!

Remax Partners
7 Offices
6016 Transactions
366 Realtors (doing an average of 16.44)

Realtor Identity Theft!

Here's a good one for you. Police say a woman stole a Realtor's identity and duped renters into paying cash for a town house she had no business renting.

Miami-Dade police are searching for a woman who posed as a real estate agent and duped at least seven people into paying cash for two Kendall town houses she had no right to rent.

After convincing the real estate company that was renting the properties to give her the code to the lock box, police say the woman met with potential ''renters'' on March 1, 2 and 3, collected $1,800 in cash -- and then disappeared.

When the people, who are mainly from the Kendall and West Kendall areas, went to move into the town houses on March 8, their keys did not work.

She said her name was Digna Torres from Boynton Beach, and placed an advertisement in The Flyer for town houses located in the 8500 block of Southwest 109th Avenue.

Sad thing is Digna Torres is really a licensed realtor with Coldwell Banker(just down the road from my office)but it was not her. This person used her name to gain access to the units. (Stole her Identity) Here so many of the realtors use combination lockboxes not electronic due to the cost of the boxes being $100. So to show a home we have to call give our name, company name, office phone number and license number. This NEVER made any sense to me at all. Anyone could call with this information to get the combination to get the key enter the home. The electronic lockboxes record who and what time the home was entered and you have to get the key (to access the lockbox) from the Association meaning you are "truly" licensed.

When I first started in the Business the Company provided the lockboxes. You had to check them out in your name and return them or you paid for them. Then the Brokers decided that was an expense they no longer wanted to incur. That caused the agents to have to purchase lockboxes at approx $100 a piece. So if a seller removes it and then can not find it, you are out $100.

I feel the key security in this area is very lax. A lot of times you have to go by the other agents office to p/u a key by just showing your business card. I would suggest that agents take on the costs and responsiblity of key control. The electronic lockboxes can be set that they do not open except during certain times during the day. You also can go online and look at who has been in the home and for how long. This gal could not have committed these crimes using these particular units had they been on Electronic Lockboxes. She would not have had the key.

(Police are looking for a heavy-set Hispanic woman in her 40s with a medium complexion, about five-feet four-inches tall with short black hair. Anyone who has information on the woman, or who may be a victim of this fraud can call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-8477.)