Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Nothing Worse

There is nothing worse then being a realtor and trying to buy a roof over your head. State law requires realtors/brokers to disclose in the contract that we are a licensed real estate broker in the state of Florida buying for our own personal use. Well in that small sentence becomes a world of a mess. The seller already has a preconceived notion that the realtor is buying the house because he or she knows something that he does not. Like he is selling it to cheap or the property will be going up in value shortly due to something the city will be doing etc...

Realtors need a home just like everyone else in the country and for the most part I will tell you we are on the up and up. I am sure there are some unscrupulous individuals out there but in general we are all good human beings. Now with that said I am dealing with a 100% jerk on the house I am buying to occupy. According to his realtor he did not want to sell it to me the house in the first place because I was a realtor. Why should a Realtor be able to buy a house????

My lender said it would be no problem since we had the funds to close it prior to closing our house here. Well it got down to the wire and the underwriter said 7 mortgages is one too many and we would have to close here prior to closing the other one. I called the other realtor to let her know the situation and we would need to extend just for 10 days in order for our house here to close. Well guess what Mr. Jerk said. "NO. I knew she was up to something...blah blah blah blah, I am going sue her, blah blah blah" Spare me.

So. With no place to move I got with my lender and said the owner is a complete jerk and what other options can we pursue in order to close this transaction. The only option I had was to do a no income no asset loan pay a much higher interest rate because MR JERK would not give me 10 DAYS. So hopefully I will get the news today (closing day) that I was able to obtain financing this way to just be done with it. I hope I never run into MR. JERK in Titusville. Hopefully he is relocating out of the area. Titusville is such a nice area they don't need an individual like Mr. Jerk in town. I'll keep you posted.


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