Monday, April 11, 2005

Price for Everything

I have learned there is a price for everything. There has been a time in our life where we had to share a 1 bedroom apartment with another couple and a point where I have owned a half million dollar home. They all come with a price. Sometimes I think sharing the 1 bedroom apt was worth more. We had another couple that was like family. We ate together, laughed together and cried together. In the 1/2 million dollar home we had no BBQ's, no gatherings, no one on our street noticed because they were working as hard as we were and were too busy to just hang out and visit. We have friends all over the country due to the military service and we have seen and done more than any. Our kids are chatty and friendly to everyone they meet due to the constant moving they had to do. They adjusted well and we are lucky. They are both successful. When we were in the 1 bedroom apt sharing it with the other couple, yes "spanky" that was his nickname drove me nuts and we had one bathroom that when they had to go crawled over us in the middle of the night across the bed to get to it. It was hated. But looking back it was not so bad and I can laugh and cry about the memories the same. Our neighbors upstairs were also in the service and she loved to bowl so she arranged her place so she could practice bowling on the hardwood floors above our head...enough said I think you can imagine. Lori & Luke.. loved them, she was my best friend and love to go exploring. We'd get lost and find our way home laughing and careless, like ...who else mattered. I hope they are still together and now with kids etc. I lost touch over the years. Another memerable couple was Diane and Mark their daughter was Autumn. I am sure she is a knockout now. They were from PA. Mark used to always say "don't sweat the petty things just pet the sweaty thing"... I am sure you get my drift. They were neat people. We have met so many interesting people over the years.

Now we both work about 70 hours a week or so it seems. No little kids at our feet because they are grown and the income is good. But it is a trade off... I miss those days. BBQ's and family get togethers. I am working with some low income folks to find housing. It is a challenge. Does not pay much but it feels good. And I know I am doing good for them and looking after them because no one else will.

Try not to work so much and enjoy your life... that is what you are working for! Remember the cause and the balance. Take time to go to church. Take time for yourself. And remember you can't take it with you, money isn't everything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why did you buy so many houses in titusville?
Do you think the bubble will break soon? We're in Miami Beach adn house prices are ridiculous.

4:13 AM  
Blogger Sellrealest8 said...

I bought in Titusville because that is where I grew up and hope to retire there. When I purchased those home they averaged around $130,000 in a fantastic neighborhood. So in renting them I automatically had a return. Rents are lower up there than here. But the numbers still work. I don't believe in a "bubble" I think if the housing market shifts dramatically it is because of Human Perception. People will begin to act as if there is a bubble and this will end up causing one. Understand. The economy in Miami is NOT hurting and people here seem to have a lot of money and the shortage of homes drive up the prices. Just like the shortage of gas...drives up the price.

7:42 AM  

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