Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Still NO Closing

Well my contract expired yesterday with Mr. Jerk and who knows what today will play out. I still do not have a loan. My lender tells me it is because I am a realtor and I have several other mortgages on my rental properties. Everytime I talk to with Valerie the Processor it is always something different. Lets see, the term arms length came into play... guess because I used WCI Mortgage and I work for Prudential FL WCI that some how we are family and Aunt Valerie can not do a no income no asset if there is some sort of arm in the way. I am very frustrated at the moment. I called Wells Fargo yesterday afternoon and by 6 pm I had a loan committment... all they want is a copy of Chuck's offer letter and a copy of the contract and they can close it. No brainer. This should have been a no brainer all along. Seems as if everytime I speak to Valerie or Elaine it is something different and everyone is "working on it." Yeah...right. This should have been done last week. On Thursday I was told everything was fine and they'd be mailing out docs...whooooaaa stop the FED EX guy.... Uncle Guido changed his mind.

On a good note. My friend Cindy got to bring her dog home from the hospital yesterday who had been hospitalized for over a week and he is doing much better!

I'll keep you posted. Fellow Buyers see the mortgage process is no different for us realtors as well.


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