Sunday, May 08, 2005

Proud to be Full Service

In reading Florida Realtor this afternoon because I was bored (see post below) I came across a letter to the editor written by David C. Wall Sr. I absolutely agree with his comments and thoughts and look forward to working with him up in Titusville. He has his license at ERA Showcase Properties in Cocoa.

His comments are:

""Service First, Money Second" how can you have service first if you're a limited service broker? The American Heritage Dictionary defines limited as: "1: Not attaining the highest goals or achievement." I'm a sales person with a full-service broker. The same dictionary defines full as "1: To a complete extend: entirely."

Full -service means just that, full service first -- not money first -- from the signing of the listing agreement to the last signature at the close. I'm proud to be a full-service agent.

When you sell a home listed at a higher commission from a full-service broker, do you cash the check? The times in real estate are changing only because there will always be those who are willing to do less for less. Is it all about the money? Not one sales associate makes a dime until the closing is completed and everyone is satisfied. Full-service agents work hard to make sure their buyers and seller are satisfied."

Limited service brokers generally collect their check prior to servicing the client.


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