Monday, April 04, 2005


I love showing houses. Buyers always nickname houses so at the end of the tour we can discuss each house and know which one we are talking about. Some names are "the green house" because the kitchen was painted an ugly green. "The dog house" because the owner had a big dog locked in the garage. "The smelly house" because the owner smoked and the "biker house" because of the all the photos of his harley were all over the house and a leather jacket on the chair in the family room.

Sellers often forget ``You don't sell a house the way you live in it.''

Here are some tips:

• Tone down brightly colored rooms. You may love passionate purple or iridescent aqua. But only a small percentage of those coming through your house will share your taste for such exotic hues. Neutral colors are a much better bet for sellers.

Please don't go white! You want "Realtor Beige." Go to model homes and see what colors they are using and copy it.

• Remove any personal items that could stigmatize your home. For sure, the classic female nude is held in high regard in paintings on display in museums around the world. But such an object of art in your home is more likely to offend buyers than inspire them. Remove dead stuffed animals as well. Those also can offend buyers.

Please take down the magnets on the fridge and the family photos. They are also distracting to buyers.

• Welcome would-be buyers with fresh rather than foul smells. Stop smoking in the house and clean the a/c unit add fresh flowers and air freshners just don't go overboard.

• Disappear when prospects come by. Once your home is prepped for showtime, perhaps you'll have an urge to be there when lookers come through -- just to be sure they appreciate its high points. A chatty home seller can detract attention from the positive aspects of a house. Take the kids and dog on a walk once the buyer arrives.

If there are features you don't want the buyer to miss leave a note on the counter for the realtor to point them out.

To avoid "funky" names on your house while it is up for sale have a flyer on the counter with a positive name for your house. For example "Beautiful Pool Home" "Workshop Home" "Country Range Home" "Rose Cottage Home" think of a name that reflects something positive about your home for the buyer to remember it when having to decide which home to purchase. If your home does not get a name either selected by you or the buyer, generally the buyer has forgetten it.


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