Thursday, May 05, 2005

Developer Plans World's Tallest Condo In Miami

MIAMI -- It's only on the drawing boards, but a developer is proposing to build the world's tallest condominium tower in downtown Miami.

Leon Cohen bought the property Monday for $31.7 million and is preparing to submit plans for a 110-story tower that would be 1,200 feet tall. A companion tower of the same height would be a combination hotel-apartment building.

But it may not be easy to get approval for his Empire World Towers. The Federal Aviation Administration limits the height of downtown buildings because of overflights from Miami International Airport jets.

Developer Pedro Martin, who plans to build two nearby condo towers, said his building heights were limited to 649 feet.

The proposal by Cohen's Maclee Development would include 1,000 condo units and 500 apartments and hotel rooms. The project also would be the tallest concrete structure in the world.

"This is due to the hurricane weather in South Florida," Cohen said Wednesday.
The world's tallest residential building, the 21st Century Tower, stands 883 feet tall in Dubai. Florida's tallest high rise is the 789-foot Four Seasons Hotel & Tower in downtown Miami.

by The Associated Press.


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