Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mr & Mrs Jerk

I just got in from Titusville. I finally closed on the house from Mr & Mrs Jerk aka Julie & Mark Amor. I was not going to use their names but since they breached the contract I really do not care at the moment. They were to leave the W/D at the house and they did not. When the other agent called them all they did was SCREAM REALLY LOUD AND B*TCH the other agent out which was not called for as it was not her problem and then told her they would not close and I could basically jump in a lake. ... well I went down with my money and signed and left. They then went down all "sweet and nice" and signed and left. I hope I NEVER run into Mr or Mrs Mark AMOR. She told me they were from Britian.. whatever. They were rude, ugly and no way anything but ugly. I told the agent for the seller "well... down south you'd be buying a w/d" she looked a bit freaked and I decided I was buying a house not a w/d. And let it go. (sort of) OH trust me.... it ain't over.

Just thankful the deal is done, I have a house to move to and I soooooooooo looking forward to moving back home. I just have to find a way to "bless" or do some incense or something rid the "bad karma" they may have left behind.

back to packing.....


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