Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Stop Higher Doc Stamps

Stop higher doc stamp taxes NOW

Among the last-minute proposals being floated at the state Capitol is one to increase documentary stamp taxes.

Increasing Florida's doc stamp taxes -- already the highest in the nation -- is an ill-conceived solution to the state's growth management problems.

Contact your legislator IMMEDIATELY and tell them:

* Higher doc stamp taxes mean higher closing costs. For every $100 increase in closing costs, 1,750 families will be unable to realize the American Dream of Homeownership.

* A healthy housing market is crucial to Florida's economy and to its future economic development. As stewards of economic growth, legislators must guard against restricting the housing market by imposing excessive costs on homebuyers.

* Paying for growth is the responsibility of all Floridians, not just homeowners.

* There are more equitable ways to pay for growth: Sales taxes. Gas taxes. Bonds. Incentives for growth and redevelopment.

Any growth management solution currently being considered must not include a TAX INCREASE.

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