Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Florida State University

Graduation! Posted by Hello

My boy graduates! My little Charlie.... I am a very proud parent at the moment. My son graduated from FSU Friday night. He did it with 2 degrees one in Computers and one in Math. We had a wonderful weekend with him and his girlfriend and her mom. I remember the day that 10 1/2 pound child came into this world I was all of 19 years old. I swore that day he'd have everything. (Which he did!) This weekend was about him. And we loved it. He has been offered a position in San Rafael CA and the movers are there now loading up what little he has and moving it to CA. The company he is going to work for is VC Entertainment his name will show in the credits on the games... HOW exciting. He starts on Friday. For now it is back to work for me...


Blogger Grunt said...

Once again, congratulations. I wish the best of luck to your son. He is a proud testament of you and your husband's love and hard work as parents.

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