Thursday, March 31, 2005

Spring Time

We change our clocks this weekend. I can never remember is it is spring forward or fall does that go again? When it comes time to change the clocks that always tells me Summer is here not Spring. In Florida there is no Spring. We go from Fall right to Summer. No Winter No Spring. We have Fall from November thru March. I had an out of town buyer once ask me "How I do I know when it's Winter..." I said Football is on.

April is here tomorrow meaning Summer begins. Bring on the sweating, the burning hot steering wheels and the hot leather seats that we had to have in our "luxury" autos that give different meaning to "toasted buns." I do love Florida and will not leave the state again. After traveling around the country with my hubby while he served as a Navy Nuke for 20 years, there is nothing like home. I grew up wearing my swimsuit under my school clothes and head for the beach directly after school or even some times during school :) We wore flip flops and cut off jeans as the dress of the day. Make up was unheard of! Who needed it with that sun glazed face everyone had. (Yes I have paid for that at the dermatologist already.) We did not even wear perfume...the tropical essence from the tanning oil smelled just fine. Evenings were spent out by the river with a bonfire and tons of friends. Laughing, kissing boyfriends, and enjoying the "summer" evenings. is time to change the clocks this weekend, It is now Summer... how I love summer in Florida. There is no place like it!


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