Tuesday, March 29, 2005

House #7

Oops we did it again... Posted by Hello

We just bought another house in Titusville. This make 6 up there and the one down here for a total of 7. So... this starts the process of no sleeping... anxiety... buyers remorse, etc. I am my own worst buyer. I have buyers that handle this better than I do. I love selling homes to happy home purchasers knowing they will have celebrations, holidays and memories in their new home. That is why I do this, I just love that! But when I buy a house I am a wreck. Usually takes me about a week to recover. This house is 3/2 super cute in side. All new windows, it has a pool, nice shed with electric. Kitchen could use some updating. Roof is about 6 years old. It is about 1400 sq ft. That is a beautiful Grapefruit tree in the front yard and there is a nice Orange tree in the back yard. There will be a new development built behind this house but for now it is woods. I paid $190,000.
Let me know what you think? I am in day 2...5 more till I am normal again.


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