Friday, March 18, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

Ok, I am finally home from Vegas. Am I awake...not so sure? I did see Green Valley Ranch and I think every hotel on the strip. I won $1000 with a Royal Flush in Video Poker which was exciting and my hubby won $500 with 4 aces in Video Poker. Can not tell you much more about the conference because we sort of, kind of, well ok we skipped the rest of it. We had a blast though in Vegas.

In this business it is so tough to take a vacation. You lose so much business while away. You have to decide that the "cost" of vacation and a break from the stress of the real world is worth every penny. So when I go on vacation it is not just the airfare, hotel, food etc. It is also loss of clients. Most people are "immediate gradification" types and if you are a realtor and not available...someone else is.

The dictionary says that the word vacation means "A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation."

I talked to another realtor friend that was complaining about his blood pressure medicine and that it was bothering him so he went off it. He saw his doctor last week and it was 156/96. Now he has to go through all sorts of tests etc. I also realized while on "vacation" that I need to make some life changes as well. My blood pressure is not the greatest and I could use to eat better. And so what... I lost some business but I enjoyed a wonderful week with my best friend and husband.

I hope that everyone remembers to take a vacation and devote to rest and relaxation, even if it is in your own backyard. Stop and realize why you are working, and stop working yourself to death. Remember you can't take it with you.

Again, what good is the goal if you don't enjoy the journey.

If I am rambling it is because I need sleep. :)


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