Tuesday, March 08, 2005

YeHaw hope you can attend!

"The so-called "bad girl of sports," Tonya Harding (news - web sites), will make her first South Florida appearance Thursday.

Harding will take on a transvestite television personality from a Miami station. Word is that they have not been able to get approval to box, so the "fight" may be more wrestling than boxing.

The match will be at Beach Bums in Fort Lauderdale Thursday.
Tickets to the event are $20 at the door. " Click10.com


Update courtesy the Miami Herald:

After people paid up to $20 a ticket, the fight between Harding and transvestite Daisy D was canceled. Apparently, the match was not sanctioned by the state.
"If I would have participated in this event, I would have been stripped of my boxing title and also probably arrested," Harding said.
Harding said had she been allowed to fight, she would have made short work of Daisy D.
"It would have been fun, you know. Wham, bam, thank you mam," she said.
Fans who shelled out between $10 and $20 for tickets weren't happy with the cancellation. Instead of Harding vs. Daisy D., they watched several no-name wreslting matches.
"One hundred percent misled. A hundred percent. We came to see Daisy box Tonya Harding," said Nikki Weinberg.
Fan Dave Ellenberger said he asked for his money back but organizers just blew him off.


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