Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I miss my Dog.

Our son recently got married. The gal he married is wonderful. Just love her to tears. My husband says I finally got a daughter. Well to be honest I have two daughters now. Our other son who recently accepted a position with "Take Two" or 2K or something entertainment will be moving to San Rafael in May, girlfriend~future wife in tow. Both gals are awesome, beautiful and kind. I don't foresee any bad "mom-in-law" problems. I miss both the boys a lot. The house is different without them home all the time. I am proud of both of them and what they have become and the "men" that they are. We did good. Both are funny only 20 & 22 years old and they can hardly wait to buy their first house. They could both take the real estate exam and pass with out studying after living with me. I have been in real estate since there were about 7 & 9 years old. They have had the words Escrow, EM Deposit, closing, listing, and floor duty in their vocabulary at an early age. They have no idea what a 401K or SEP IRA is, only real estate. I'll have to talk to them about that. Oh, back to the dog.

When our son got married he took (stole) the dog. Ok he said it was his dog and not mine so he took her. She is a beautiful dog, mix border collie golden retriever. Tan with white accents. She is the BEST dog anyone could have. She loves everyone. While working on the computer she'd always lay on the floor next to me and be ready to bark at the first sign of any noise (or danger in her ears). She used to sleep (don't say gross, if you have a dog you understand) with us in the bed but it was getting to hard for her to jump up and down so she slept right in the door way...again to protect us. She never bit anyone and would probably run the other way but she wanted us to think she was protecting us. She drove me nuts at times, she hated dog food. She loved to go on a walk and would tilt her head back and forth waiting for me to say "want to go for a walk?" And she would run to the door and grab her leash. She even talked. Like you would come in the door and she would go "wo woo woa wo" like "where have you been?"

Rainy days like today.... I miss my dog...Ok my son's dog.


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