Thursday, March 03, 2005

Job Reviews

I had to pencil this out for sanity sake. My husband has a very strong powerful job where they are VERY shorthanded due to the "training" it takes for this position. My husband is a it about him keeps us neutal. There were 4 major catagories that he was rated on. Three VERY well one even said exceptional. Now again can I say shorthanded....and in one category they said he missed the mark. I said to him this evening, "If I had a 75% ratio of satisfied customers I'd be happy. I'd love it to be 100%!" But to each his own. Sometimes I did not click with the Seller all that well or even the buyer. There were Buyers that I was not there for at their "beckon call" because I had other buyers or sellers needing my attention too and I "picked" where I should be. Just like he picked where his attention was needed most. I hope and feel that I make 100% of the people I work with happy but I know I don't, and I know I can't. I can not be there for all. No one can. And to think you can...can drive you nuts. I have realized over the years that I do know Real Estate, and I do know investing, and I do know how to be a friend (you have to be one to have one) and I do know when I screw up. We are all human, and I applogize when I screwed up. My life is NOT a rating or a scale of performance but a day to day task. I hope others do not view their life as a "progess report". But realize if you are a good human soul you will do the best you can day by day honestly. That is what I try to do. I told my hubby to forget it...move on. That is what I love about this business... it is real moves on.

You know one of the biggest lessons I learned over years was a quote my mom used to say to me when after I got married and my husband was in the service and out to sea for months..."Stand up grab your ass and deal with it." So I did.


Blogger Grunt said...

Here, here. All you can do is move on. I like your Mom's advice. There is no time to get angry or sad. Whether it is success or failure, move on to the next big thing.

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