Thursday, February 24, 2005

You know I am not sure, it could. I know that if you look up north (like NJ, NY) land being a HUGE commodity, and pricing out of control because there is no more land. So likewise in Miami where do you go… where there is land. Sad thing is we are losing our farms due to land values. If you can buy and acre for $150,000 multiply that by 20 acres and you are rich. So why bust your butt farming. Lets hope that the community looks at planning and development control. Right now the schools are over-maxed. And the taxes in some area are extreme due to the CDD’s. Knowledge is power. If you are concerned I’d definitely attend the Chamber functions as well as the City meetings to voice your opinion we do not have enough attendance in that area. Btw, thanks for the blog!


Blogger Grace Lichtenstein said...

The question always is: when does "enough development" become "too much development"? I just posted a comment about this issue as it is being debated in Asheville, NC, a big second home area. You can see it at my blog

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